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Wax Melt Tart

Wax Melt Tart

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Melting Tarts are a great flame-less option for scenting your home! 

Our Melting Tarts are thoughtfully crafted using a palm oil blend wax that is paraffin free or a 100% soy wax, along with high quality fragrance oils, all USA sourced. Use these tarts with your favorite wax warmer, simply break off a square or two depending on the strength of scent throw you prefer and enjoy. 

Scent throw from tarts will depend on strength of each individual scent. Wax tarts can last 50-60 hours depending on the fragrance notes. 

Each one consists of 6 break apart cubes and is net weight 2.5 ounces.


For use in tealight warmers or UL approved electric wax warmers. Do not leave your wax melter unattended and keep away from children.