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Frequently Asked Questions


Why wood wicks? Wood wicks tend to burn longer, especially with the soy wax combination, and they eliminate most of the carbon soot build-up you would get with standard cotton wicks. Not to mention the great crackle sound and the unique shaped flame you receive from wood wicks. Unfortunately, not all candle types can handle wood wicks, so we searched for the cleanest burning zinc and lead-free cotton wicks we could find for our tea lights.

My wood wick will not stay lit. The main cause of wicks not relighting is an untrimmed wick, for ease of lighting between burns we recommend breaking off the burnt ashy bit before each light, it should break off easily with your finger. Do not trim the wick too short, only where it naturally wants to be trimmed. Our wood wicks are untreated and require a little melted wax to get them going. Simply tilt the candle slightly to the side with the wick vertical and light the bottom edge of the wick down by the wax, I like to hold the flame on the wick for a couple seconds longer then I think I need too, to warm up the wax and wick and get that capillary action going. For full candle care please see our Wood Wick Care page. Here is a quick video of how I trim and light my candles.

Where does the crackle of the wood wick come from? Our wicks are made from allergen friendly native sappy fruit tree wood sourced and manufactured in the USA. The crackle effect comes from the molecules within the wood vibrating and moving from the heat of the flame. They do not spark, only make a crackle sound. (Please note: crackle sound can vary from wick to wick since they are a 100% natural product).  

What is the difference between soy wax and paraffin wax? Soy wax candles tend to burn longer than paraffin candles, giving you a longer lasting candle. Soy wax is derived from natural vegetables, while paraffin is a by-product of refined gasoline. Soy wax is 100% biodegradable, while paraffin wax was is not. The premium soy wax we use is USA sourced and skin safe. 

How fragrant are By the Sound Candles? Our candles are designed to add fragrance to a medium sized room depending on the scent, and not over power you. We do not use additives to enhance the hot scent throw like other products/makers on the market do. 

How many hours will my candle burn? Our 7 oz candles have a burn time of 40 hours, but the environment your candle is place in could effect your burn time. Drafts, wick trimming and room temperature could effect your total burn time. 

What does a full melt pool mean? A full melt pool means the wax has melted from one edge of the candle to the other. Wax in general has a memory and will only melt as far as its last melt pool, this is the main cause of tunneling in candles and also a large issue with candles not staying lit. Full melt pools are extremely important. Tunneling causes candles to suffocate themselves and go out from lack of oxygen.  

Do you use essential oils or fragrance oils? Currently all our candles are created with USA sourced, I.F.R.A. (International Fragrance Association) regulated fragrance oils. This allows us to create our own blends at an affordable price for you while still offering a high quality safe product.

Can I reuse my candle jar? Yes, please do! Our amber glass jars are food safe and BPA free, if you would like to reuse it simply remove the wick-clip from the bottom of the jar and wipe it clean as best as possible. Sometimes if needed you can microwave the jar for about 5 seconds to melt the residual wax for easier cleaning. The jars can also go in the top rack of the dishwasher once the inside of the jar is clean. If you do not wish to reuse your jar they are recyclable. 

Are the packing peanuts biodegradable? YES! We strive to use the most environmentally friendly products as we can and limit the amount of "fluff or extras" your order is packed with. Each order is shipped with starch based packing peanuts that will dissolve in water, so you can feel okay about tossing them. Also, all our shipping boxes are recyclable. But, please feel free to reuse all packing material.

I'm local, do you deliver? No, we do not currently deliver orders. We use too but made the decision to stop delivering orders after our first couple months in business for two reasons. First reason: our pickup location is centrally located on Camano Island and almost directly off one of the main roads and very easy to find. Reason number two: we have a large easy to maneuver in and out pickup location with a circular drive. I was finding myself too often in locations where my vehicle did not fit and was worried about damage to property or my vehicle. Sorry for the slight inconvenience this may cause you.  

Where exactly is the pick-up location? We are located centrally down Camano Island on the east side. Exact pickup address and package location will be emailed once the order is ready for pickup, if you do not see an email, please check your spam/promotions folder. The order will be immediately placed in the pickup box and remain there until picked up. If you need to wait a few days for pickup, please let us know and we will happily place your order out for pick-up when you are available. 

USPS delivered my order damaged, what should I do? We strive to protect your order as best as possible during shipping, but have no control over how USPS treats your package. Please send us photos of the package, items damaged and a description of the damage to We will send replacements as soon as possible and handle the claim with USPS.

My order was lost/stolen/not delivered - what do I do? By the Sound Candles, LLC is not partnered with USPS and does not have control of your package after it leaves our facility. If your package/order was lost/stolen/not delivered we are not responsible for it, please reach out to USPS to file a claim and locate your package.