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One Tree Planted

When By the Sound Candles, LLC was founded the owner and her family wanted to do more with the company then just sell candles, they wanted to be able to give back in some way to our earth what is being used in the candles. By the Sound Candles was created by someone who loves plants, trees, flowers and the Pacific Northwest. They thought planting a tree for each candle sold would be the perfect way to give back to Mother Earth.

For the first four years in business and as they evolved from just candles to other products as well, donations grew from just candles sold to each product sold planted a tree and donations were made to a charity called Trees for the Future, this charity plants Forest Gardens around the globe using a method called agroforestry. 

Today, By the Sound Candles is proud and extremely excited to work with a non-profit organization called One Tree Planted. One Tree Planted also works around the globe, but they have specific projects By the Sound Candles can put their 5% of sales donations towards including some right here in the PNW and across the United States. For example: Forest Fire Recovery, Project Orca, and National Forests.

Here is some info from One Tree Planted about why it's so important to keep planting trees...

Project Orca: "Every year, as the orca migrate North to South and back again they rely on the West Coast Chinook salmon for food (nearly 80% of their diet). Planting trees along rivers and streams of the Pacific Northwest restores habitat for the endangered orca. Trees help reduce pollution and improve the health and quantity of salmon for the orca to eat. Our amazing partners across the Pacific Northwest have identified critical forested areas that need to be restored in order to have the greatest possible impact on the well-being of the southern resident orca. Planting trees around the rivers and streams that feed into the orca's habitat reduces water contamination, lowers toxicity, protects salmon spawning grounds, and improves orca food supply. These projects will bring benefits to other species of wildlife, as well as the communities in the surrounding areas."

Forest Fire Recovery: "Our current focus is on the West coast of North America, where fires are burning in Oregon and the surrounding region to start an early fire season. Oregon's Bootleg fire was the largest in the US in 2021, with over 400,000 acres already burned. With so much fire damage, reforestation is essential in catalyzing the environmental recovery process, preventing invasive species, and restoring homes for biodiversity. As a result, there will be a need for hundreds of millions of trees."

National Forest: "The United States Forest Service (USFS) - an agency of the US Department of Agriculture - manages more than 150 national forests across 43 states. Now, One Tree Planted is one of their official reforestation partners, giving us the opportunity to plant more trees on more public land from coast to coast! This year, we're reforesting projects in more than twenty iconic National Forests. From mighty maples to ponderosa pines, each of our National Forest projects will help restore land damaged by events like fires, winds, and tree diseases. A benefit of reforesting public land is that healthy outdoor recreation spaces will be bolstered, creating new opportunities for communities and visitors to connect with nature. Many of the United States' most iconic wildlife species, like the brown bear, white-tailed deer, and countless songbirds, will have renewed habitat."