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Dough Bowl 3 Wick Candle
Dough Bowl 3 Wick Candle

Dough Bowl 3 Wick Candle

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Each stunning dough bowl holds approximately three-quarter to a pound of soy wax and are made when ordered. They are all hand carved from wood, finished with a dark stain and have their own special characteristics. The 3 wooden wicks create a unique horizontal style flame with a robust crackle sound. Approximate burn time: 60-80 hours. 

Available scents are:

Agave & Sea Salt:  Our Agave & Sea Salt is a botanical mixture of agave with sea salt and fresh moss elements. A nice light fresh scent.

Black Lavender:  A rich blend of amber with a sweet, floral blend of lavender. Undertones of black myrrh, vanilla bean and Egyptian Musk make this fragrance an earthy blend with beautifully sweet floral tones.

Blood Orange:  A sparkling scent of blood oranges, with a nice tang of goji berries and a touch of mango undertones.

Calm Air:  Like taking a deep breath of fresh air. An uplifting mixture of vanilla, cedarwood, peppermint and pine with hints of cinnamon.

Country Cottage: This cozy scent gives you hints of bergamot, orange, raspberry and warm mahogany with a touch of floral notes of orchid, lilies, clove and amber.

Espresso: This is not your average espresso candle. You will swear you are sitting in a café enjoying the wonderful aroma of your favorite espresso. It has undertones of caramel for a nice warm and cozy espresso scent.

Eucalyptus Tea: A refreshing combination of blue eucalyptus, rosemary, green tea and thyme. A great candle for any part of a home. 

Fraser Fir: A very true pine scent. (currently on backorder)

Grapefruit & Peach: A refreshing fragrance of a citrusy cocktail. Fresh peaches, tangy grapefruit with light notes of thyme.

Lemongrass: Lemon herbal fragrance.

Lilac Blossom: Just like Grandma's lilac bush in full bloom, very true and intense.

Mahogany Teakwood: This fine wood fragrance of mahogany and teakwood has hints of cedar, clean lavender and geranium. It is a wonderful complex fragrance.

Mandarin Lime: A citrus scent more on the earthy side then the typical sweeter side. A mixture of Italian Mandarins, juicy limes and earthy basil tones. 

Palo Santo: Palo Santo wood, warm amber and soft musk.  A soothing, creamy woodsy scent.

Sweet Rose': A wonderful fruity floral mixture of raspberries and sweet pea with hints of coconut and mandarin.

Vanilla Bean: The yummiest vanilla bean candle you can imagine. This vanilla bean is rich and smooth with a hint of butterscotch.

Volcanic Paradise: Fresh tropical fruit and sugared citrus, with hints of strawberry, jasmine and sweet raspberry.

Watermelon Lemonade: This candle is the perfect combination of yummy juicy melon with refreshing lemonade and a touch of sweet sugar. A must have in the sunshine months or to just brighten your day.

White Sage: A crisp clean herbal scent.

Unscented: A zero fragrance candle for those people who want the crackle of the wood wick but are sensitive/allergic to fragrance oil.



**Please allow five business days for production of dough bowl candles before shipping.                                                                                                                       

**Burn time will depend on finished weight of the candle and burning conditions.

**Dough bowl is made of wood which is a flammable material, burn candle responsibly and within eye-sight. Discontinue use when 1/2 inch of wax remains in the bottom.