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Hand Cleanser
Hand Cleanser
Hand Cleanser

Hand Cleanser

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We created our Hand Cleanser after being tired of not loving the way other products smelt and left our hands feeling. As someone who is always on the go, I wanted to create a product that not only smelled great but was effective, fast drying and left your hands feeling good. These 2 ounce plastic bottles do just that, they are slim design that will easily fit in pockets, purses or where ever life takes you... They are travel friendly and ready for life's adventures.

How to use: Spritz on hands, rub hands briskly together until dry. The initial scent of our Hand Cleanser may be alcohol, that will quickly fade and leave behind the nice fragrance of the product upon drying. 

Use while running errands/grocery shopping, touching public door handles/buttons, handing cash, at the gas pumps, before/after eating out, hiking/camping or whenever you feel you need it. 

Active Ingredients: 95% Ethanol (grain) Alcohol. Purpose: Antimicrobial

Inactive Ingredients: Witch Hazel (soothes & conditions skin) and High Grade Fragrance Oil 

Available Scents:

  • Agave & Sea Salt - A botanical mixture of agave with sea salt and fresh moss elements. A nice light fresh scent.
  • Blood Orange - A sparkling scent of blood oranges, with a nice tang of goji berries and a touch of mango undertones.
  • Sweet Rose' - Sweet Pea with lemon, raspberries and mandarin with hints of coconut water.

Note* The CDC recommends that hand sanitizing products include a minimum of 60% alcohol in order to effectively protect against common germs and bacteria. We use 70% alcohol. Hand sanitizer/cleanser should not be used if hands are visible soiled or in place of soap and water if readily available.

Because our Hand Cleanser is an alcohol based product, please do not use around open flames and allow product to completely dry before handling matches/ open flames/ etc.